Upon applying for an AIM Overseas program, our Student Coordinators will look over your academic results to see if you meet the pre-requisites for the program you have applied for. Most of the AIM Overseas programs have requirements that students need to meet in order to be eligible (e.g. one year of study (or more in some cases) in a relevant field). Our beginner language programs (Intensive Spanish and Intensive French in Vichy) do not require students to have a prior knowledge of the language.

These requirements vary from program-to-program. If you would like to know in advance if you are eligible for a particular program, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@aimoverseas.com.au and send us a copy of your University results.

All of our programs are designed to count for credit as (usually) one elective subject towards your Australian University degree. However, it is up to your University to decide whether they will approve credit for your participation in one of our programs.

Normally, the course coordinator, convenor, head of school or academic advisor will be the person who approves your credit. For them to be able to make the decision, you will need to provide them with a copy of the course syllabus.

If you are reliant on credit (and OS-HELP) you should not pay your down payment until your credit has been approved as the down payment is non-refundable.

Students who are looking to participate in an AIM Overseas program may be eligible for the Overseas Help Loan. This is a Government loan of over $6,700 + that is granted to eligible students, with the amount being added to your HECS-HELP debt.

If you meet the main eligibility requirements set out by the Australian Government (provided below and on the official website: https://www.studyassist.gov.au/help-loans-and-csps/os-help-loans-and-overseas-study) you can apply for the OS-HELP loan at you Australian University’s Study Abroad or International Office. Please note that individual Universities may have additional requirements. It is highly recommended that you contact your Australian University to enquire about additional requirements, and their turn-around period with OS-HELP payments.

The OS-HELP loan is paid directly to students and not to AIM Overseas. If you are eligible for the OS-HELP loan you will receive the funding directly, and you can use the amount to pay for all or some of the program fee.

You might be eligible for the $6,700+ OS-HELP loan from the Australian Government if:

-You’re a commonwealth-supported student (undergraduate or postgraduate i.e. if you’re on the HECS-HELP scheme)

-You have completed 1 year of study towards your current degree upon applying for the loan (1 EFTSL worth of courses completed) and have at least 1 full-time subject left to complete upon your return from the program (0.125 EFTSL)

-The AIM Overseas program you’re taking part in has been approved as credit towards your degree

Please note: Final payment deadlines are fixed and all payments MUST be received by that date (you are advised of the date for your program in your acceptance letter and during your Initial Consultation).

In some cases, students may not receive their OS-HELP loans by the final payment deadline – if this arises in your case, you will need to pay your final program fee from another source (personal savings, loan, help from family etc.) whilst you await for your OS-HELP to be deposited into your nominated account. Under no circumstances are extensions granted to students who do not pay by the final program fee due date.

Aside from the OS-HELP loan (discussed above), some Australian Universities also offer their students who are participating in an AIM Overseas or short-term program a travel grant or scholarship towards their overseas study. To find out more, please contact your Australian University’s Study Abroad or International Office.

AIM Overseas will on occasion offer applicants a scholarship towards their program, however these are limited, set to a particular program(s) and vary per intake.

Applying for credit and funding varies between Australian Universities. Generally, your faculty will approve credit (hopefully), and you will apply at your Study Abroad or International Office for the OS-HELP loan or other types of funding such as scholarships.

Once you have been deemed eligible for our programs you will receive an email containing the draft syllabus for your chosen program. The syllabus can be provided to your university in order to begin the credit approval process.

After your initial consultation you will be provided with a step by step process as to how to go about gaining credit and funding approval at your Australian University* (*subject to specific Universities).

The $55 application fee is deducted from your final program fee, so it is not an “extra” cost on top of your program fee listed on this website.

The Fee covers the administrative cost of AIM Overseas managing your initial consultation for a program. Your fee enables you to book an appointment with one of our Student Coordinators who will discuss your planned program, and your personal situation in detail with you over the phone for approximately 30 minutes.

Even though it is called an application fee, you do not pay this at the time you apply. Rather, in order for be fair, we will first assess your academic results to make sure you are eligible for the program you have applied for, before inviting you to book a consultation with us.

You pay the fee at the point that you book your initial consultation – our initial consultation booking system will direct you to a PayPal page to make your payment; note that PayPal accepts Visa and MasterCard payments only. You cannot book your consultation without paying the $55 fee.

The fee is non-refundable if you withdraw or defer your application. 

You will be provided with a copy of the program syllabus once you have sent your academic transcript to info@aimoverseas.com.au upon application, and have been deemed eligible for the program by the Student Experience Team. It is unfortunately not possible to receive your program syllabus prior to application and eligibility assessment. 

Wherever possible, the program schedule will be made available to accepted and fully paid students prior to the start of the program – please note that AIM Overseas can only provide this to students once the information is made available by the Host University.

No! All of our programs are taught entirely in English (except the language programs, of course!)

Students may find it useful to learn some basics before they go (Duolingo and phrase books are great for this), as it will help when you are outside of the University environment, at restaurants etc.

AIM Overseas assists students on going on one of our academic programs. We take the hard work out of going on a study experience overseas by taking care of all arrangements with the Host Universities.

We provide pre departure support, guidance and advice to all students who apply for one of our programs. Since 2007, we have achieved an amazing 99% Host University acceptance rate for our students* and we also organise the entire program on your behalf.

Since 2007, we have sent over 5,000 Australian enrolled university students to many of our programs all over the world.

You can read more about their experiences here: https://aimoverseas.com.au/aim-overseas-blog/

*Note: AIM Overseas does not guarantee acceptance from the Host University/Institution.

The answer to this question really varies from person to person. To get a better idea of how much spending money you might need, we can put you in touch with a student who has been on the program previously.

Program costs are listed on our website. These costs will always include the tuition fees and accommodation. Depending on the specific programs, some cultural activities and meals may be included as well. Most or all of these costs can be covered by the OS-HELP Government funding (if you are eligible).

The following are not included in your final program fees:

- Airfares

- Travel insurance

- Other personal expenses

The cost of the program fee goes towards:

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation for the duration of the program
  • Pre departure support and advice
  • Administration/Application fees
  • Transcript or Academic Record upon successful completion
  • Site visits*
  • Cultural Activities*
  • Some meals*

*These do vary from program to program, make sure to check the specific information on our website for the program you wish to apply for.

Depending on which program you have applied for, it may run either once or twice a year. Generally our Intensive French and Spanish programs run twice a year – information on when our other programs run is available on this website: https://aimoverseas.com.au/all-programs/

You do need to be an Australian enrolled university student to be able to partake in any AIM Overseas program.

In some circumstances we may accept students who are currently not studying (recently graduated) or in the transition into post-graduate study, however this is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

If you are an international student studying at an Australian university, then you may also be eligible to partake in the program.

Yes of course! We encourage students to get to know one another before the program does begin.

Once you have completed your initial phone consultation with one of our Student Experience team members, you will have the opportunity to join the Facebook group in which you can meet other students going on the same program as you and possibly organise to meet up with them before the program does begin. 

That’s absolutely fine! A lot of students on AIM Overseas programs are first time travellers and with good reason: studying overseas is a safe and easy way for you to get a taste of international travel.

From the moment you apply until the moment you return from the program, AIM Overseas will support you every step of the way – including:

  • Assistance in applying for credit/funding
  • Leading up to the program, we will put you in touch with other Australian university students who will be doing the course so you can get to know each other, meet up, and maybe even make travel plans together.
  • Pre departure support – including how to deal with culture shock, travel tips and advice, safety advice, and what to do in an emergency.
  • 24-hr emergency support during the program
  • Support after you’ve returned from the program

Yes, a lot of students who participate on one of our programs will do some travel before and/or after their AIM Overseas program.

It is important when organising extra travel that you do make enough time to allow for jet-lag, and settling into the accommodation before beginning the short intensive program. If you want to travel after the program, you will need to ensure that you are back in Australia to commence your next semester of studies (unless prior approval is given by your Australian University).

Yes. It is requirement from AIM Overseas as well as the host institution that you need to be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

Your home university may cover you under their travel insurance policy whilst you are on the program, so we can recommend contacting your International, Global Mobility or Study Abroad Office to find out if you are eligible. If your University doesn’t cover you, you will need to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy through a reputable provider. Usually, students use STA Travel (or a similar travel agency’s insurance), CoverMore or similar.


The Global Society is a national network for Australian University students who have overseas study experience. As part of your AIM Overseas program fee we include a Professional membership to the Global Society (valued at $80) to enhance your overseas experience.

This is a lifetime membership that gives you access to an extensive range of benefits, including:

  • Access to the Global Society Community (a great forum resource that contains information about everything including credit, OS-Help, VISA’s and even good places to eat whilst overseas!).
  • A discounted ISIC (International Student Identity Card).
  • Discounts on flights and other travel arrangements.
  • Access to professional resources that will help you develop your career after your return.
  • And much, much more.

For more information, visit the Global Society website: www.globalsociety.com.au

Applications for our programs vary for each intake.

Usually for the January programs, applications close at the end of September.

For the July intake, applications usually close at the end of March.

It is important to note that our programs are popular and some may fill well before the closing date.

If you wish to find out specific information on when applications close, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone on: info@aimoverseas.com.au OR (02) 9975 7792

Note: If you wish to apply for a program after the applications have closed, you will need to pay an additional fee*.

AIM Overseas program costs are inclusive of accommodation. All students undertaking an AIM Overseas program are required to stay in the designated program accommodation – this is to ensure all students receive the same (or similar) standard of accommodation, promote positive group dynamics and give all students the same access to the University campus and accommodation inclusions.

If you are planning on arriving earlier than the specified dates or after the program finishes you will need to organise your own accommodation for that time period.

As AIM Overseas are short-term intensive programs, the timetables are limited in terms of free time – however this does vary between programs. Some programs offer free weekends and afternoons, while others have scheduled weekend trips and site visits after class.

If you would like to know how much free time is available for the program you are interested in, please contact us either by phone or at info@aimoverseas.com.au.

Yes! We encourage all Australian enrolled university students to apply for one of our amazing study programs – just remember that we have eligibility criteria for all our programs.

It is important to remember that if you and your friend are applying for the same program, that you should proceed together at the same time, so that you can both secure your place on the program!

It does vary program to program. Our programs do have a limit on the amount of students we can accept due to class size limits, activities and accommodation availability.

Some programs do fill up faster than other programs so it is important to apply sooner rather than later so that you can secure your place on the program.

Take a look at our blog for travel tips and interviews with returned students.

Call us (02 9975 7792) or visit us on Facebook – we’d be happy to hear from you! We can also get you in touch with a returned student so you can ask them questions.